Saturday, May 24, 2008

BeiJing Olympics Countdown Performance

Theme Song for the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay: "Light the Passion, Share the Dream" (sung by Sun Yan Zi,Wang Lee Hom, Jane Zhang , Wang Feng)

Radio version (credit:pamperzi)

Live version (credit: lyfans21)

I miss Yan Zi now!!! Miss her live performance, her vocals, her songs and watching her go on variety shows....
Looks like she's not gonna film any movie already, so hopefully we'll get to hear her new album soon!

Jay Chou singing Qian Shan Wan Shui (credit: hza100)

Dreams - Gigi Leung, Fan Fan, and Bibi (credit: idarklight)

What happened to FanFan's hair? I think she looks much better with long straight hair.

Various artists live-Beijing Welcome You 北京歡迎你

Lots of celebrities involved including Yan Zi, Lee Hom, JJ Lin, Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai, A Du, Fan Wei Qi, Vivian Hsu etc etc. Jang Na Ra was there too. They lip sync the song though.
Its really stupid that they didn't show any close up shots of the super girls/ boys. Every single one of them didn't get any close up as the camera will just do a long shot or focus on the audiences whenever it reached their parts. So obviously its done deliberately. -_-ll

Yan Zi and Jackie Chan

Lee Hom, Yan Zi and Jackie Chan

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