Sunday, May 11, 2008

We Got Married- Andy and Solbi

We Got Married Ep7 - Solbi and her Mum (credit to coolsmurf for uploading and SuhHyunMine for subs)
part 1

She was so funny trying to cut the cucumber upright and the way she handles the knife looks kinda dangerous -_-ll

Part 2

I love Solbi's mum! She's really hilarious! She's so direct and funny.

We Got Married Ep 7 - Solbi, Andy and Shinhwa 2/2

Ahaha the guys from Shinhwa were really playful. All thanks to MinWoo's idea and DongWan's little push, did Andy and Solbi ended up touching lip to lip?

We Got Married Ep 8 - Andy and Solbi Couple 1/2 : Solbi @ Shinhwa's 10th Anniversary Concert(uploaded by coolsmurf and translated by SuhHyunMine)

Andy was so sweet and cute doing that SarangHae on stage and keeping his promise.He seemed to be really in deep thoughts about how and when to do the action during the performance.

We Got Married Ep 8 - Andy and Solbi Couple 2/2

Andy shed tears during his farewell speech. Though I'm not really a Shinhwa fan (in the way that I don't keep track of their news etc), I think that they really have a strong friendship and its kinda sad seeing that we'll hafta wait 5years to see them tgt on stage again.

andy ft solbi -love song [m core] 080405(uploaded by guardedgreen)

The song is nice. It just got stuck in my head after listening to it a few times.

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