Saturday, May 17, 2008

We Got Married- Alex and Shin Ae

We Got Married Ep 7 - Alex and Shin Ae Couple 1/2 (uploaded by coolsmurf and translated by soonjap)
Alex danced and kissed Shin Ae on the forehead

We Got Married Ep 8 - Alex and Shin Ae duet (singing Romeo N Juliet) (uploaded
by coolsmurf, subbed by smr05)

We Got Married Ep 8 - Alex and Shin Ae 1/3 (last ep tgt)

I like the part where they played the piano tgt and also the duet they recorded.

We Got Married Ep 8 - Alex and Shin Ae 2/3 [Alex's singing Flowerpot] (credit: coolsmurf translated by SuhHyunMine)

Alex's sounded very sincere in the room.Alex's parting song for Shin Ae. Really touching song.... Heard it before in Coffee Prince. I like Alex's voice and the way he sang the song with so much emotions.

We Got Married Ep 8 - Alex and Shin Ae 3/3

Shin Ae was so cute. Hopefully we'll get to see them back on the show after Alex finishes his album.

A great pity is that Alex and Shin Ae couple will be out of the show temporary (not sure whether they'll return to the show) as Alex will be too busy preparing his album. ?They are replaced by Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong(from SS501). Still haven't watched their clip yet, I think its quite an interesting combination.

Saw both of them on Xman before. I have a good impression of Hyun Joong and I think that he's more reserved. My impression of Hwang Bo is that she's more tomboyish and guy-ish type. So I'm really curious how they'll behave when they're together on screen. Besides that, Hwang Bo is older than Hyun Joong too, so my guess is that Hwang Bo will be the one leading the relationship more.

P.S Even though I quite like Hyun Joong, but I still think that Hyun Joong is abit too young to be "married".

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