Sunday, April 27, 2008

[Video]Fahrenheit Prank

Wu Zun being pranked by his fellow Fahrenheit members, Jacky Wu, and Kang Kang

All of them ganged up to prank Wu Zun.
Jacky Wu will offer Wu Zun a movie role, but there'll be nude scenes of Wu Zun in the film.
Jiro, Calvin and Aaron revealed that Wu Zun's dream is to be able to act in a movie.
Then Jacky Wu asked Fahrenheit what Wu Zun is afraid of eating and they said that he's afraid of eating the fats of the meat. So the production crew arranged for all the dishes to include the fats of the meat and they were supposed to finish eating the whole dish.

Wu Zun seemed quite interested to act in a movie, but he concerned about his image and that his fans may not be able to accept it. So he was still quite hesitant to accept the offer, but the other members of Fahrenheit kept telling him to accept the offer.
Wu Zun's reaction upon seeing the fatty meat (pig skin) was so cute. Ehhh~~ *look of disgust*. Jacky Wu gave a piece of the pig skin to Wu Zun and Wu Zun said that he don't eat the fats of the meat.

Wu Zun said he'll puke when he eat fatty meat. Jiro was so funny when he tried to take the part of the meat without the fats away from Wu Zun. In the end they asked Wu Zun to just pretend to eat the meat in front of the camera. Wu Zun said the reason why he's afraid of eating fatty meat is because it feels like eating human meat.

When the 2nd dish was brought up, Wu Zun can't help but exclaimed "Its still fatty meat?!?!?"
When Jacky Wu gave him the fatty meat, he was so worked up. Aaron was so cute. He just kept eating and eating non-stop.

Wu Zun looked so lost and didn't know what to do when Jacky Wu and Kang Kang was arguing. He just stared helplessly at his manager. Haha.


yours truly said...

hello suyi! Yea i watched tt on tv!
wu zun looked so CUTE and helpless.. hahahah

Stars on Screen said...

Yeah, I saw it on TV tt time too, but I only saw the ending part.
So I went to find the video on Youtube. =D