Wednesday, April 9, 2008

[2004.12.12]Kim Jong Kook Heroine 5 Video

[2004.12.12] Heroine 5 (with chinese subs)


KJK was really funny in the show.

The girls were taking turns to have a telephone convesation with KJK to see if KJK will choose soccer or his GF.
*Pretended telephone conversation*
3rd Girl: Hello.

KJK: Hello.

3rd Girl: Dear, I'm in pain(I'm sick).... Today is my birthday, but my mum and dad are not around (there's no one to take care of me) Can you come over now? I'm really feeling terrible.

KJK: Okay, I'll rush over.

MC: What if the soccer match is in the 2nd half of the game and there's merely 10mins left, but your team is losing the match at 1:2 ?

KJK: Then I won't be able to answer my phone.

[Guests broke into laughter]

GF in danger

Last girl (the girl in red): Dear, there's a weird guy who kept following me.... how..... AHhhhh~~!! [ phone hung up]

How?( What will you do in this situation?)

KJK: I don't even know where is she.... [Guests broke into laughter]

Last girl: lets do it again.


I'm near the broadcasting center and there's a weird guy following me... Ahhhh~~~!! [phone hung up]

KJK: Of course I'll rush over immediately and also call the police in that situation.

44 days to KJK's return from MS!

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