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[NEWS] Netizens revealed that Romantic Princess copied Goong

網 友 揭 《 公 主 小 妹 》 抄 《 宮 》- 香港蘋果日報

去 年 夥 拍 張 韶 涵 主 演 的 台 灣 偶 像 劇 《 公 主 小 妹 》 , 近 日 先 後 到 馬 來 西 亞 、 新 加 坡 及 香 港 作 密 集 式 宣 傳 , 氣 勢 銳 不 可 擋 。 該 劇 現 正 在 無 劇 集 台 播 出 , 不 過 反 應 似 乎 麻 麻 , 有 網 友 不 滿 劇 情 誇 張 幼 稚 夾 無 聊 , 更 有 人 指 出 《 公 主 小 妹 》 的 情 節 跟 由 尹 恩 惠 06 年 拍 攝 的 韓 劇 《 宮 》 如 出 一 轍 !

相 同 情 節 數 不 完
凌 零 發 單 看 過 兩 劇 的 首 集 , 已 發 現 兩 套 同 樣 改 編 自 漫 畫 的 劇 集 有 大 量 相 同 之 處 。 首 先 , 《 公 主 小 妹 》 講 述 張 韶 涵 飾 演 的 窮 家 女 , 某 天 發 現 自 己 是 亞 洲 首 富 的 孫 女 , 繼 而 邂 逅 闊 少 爺 吳 尊 , 由 鬥 氣 家 演 變 成 情 侶 ; 《 宮 》 則 講 述 平 凡 高 中 生 尹 恩 惠 , 某 天 父 母 告 知 她 將 要 嫁 給 韓 國 皇 太 子 朱 智 勛 , 一 夜 間 變 得 富 貴 。 人 物 性 格 方 面 , 兩 劇 的 男 主 角 吳 尊 與 朱 智 勛 同 是 表 面 裝 酷 、 但 內 心 善 良 的 富 家 子 , 最 終 會 被 熱 情 女 主 角 融 化 冰 封 的 心 , 簡 直 共 享 一 條 方 程 式 。 加 上 刻 意 營 造 的 富 貴 場 景 、 跟 出 跟 入 的 保 鑣 及 豪 華 房 車 接 送 , 兩 劇 的 鋪 排 幾 乎 完 全 一 樣 。 雖 然 《 公 主 小 妹 》 被 網 友 猛 烈 抨 擊 , 不 過 也 無 損 吳 尊 的 心 情 , 日 前 還 撰 寫 網 誌 , 跟 fans 分 享 這 兩 個 月 的 宣 傳 之 旅 的 感 受 。 他 表 示 此 行 能 見 到 熟 識 的 面 孔 , 又 可 品 嚐 各 地 佳 餚 , 雖 然 行 程 辛 苦 , 但 感 覺 很 充 實 。


Netizens revealed that Romantic Princess copied Goong- Hong Kong apple daily

Angela Chang who starred in Romantic Princess last year, had been to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to promote the series recently. The drama is currently being broadcasted in a particular channel, but the response had been so-so only. Netizens expressed that they are discontented with the exaggerated and boring plot. Some people even pointed out that the plot of Romantic Princess is similar to the Korean Drama, Goong, which Yoon Eun Hye starred in.

Numerous similarities in plot
After watched the first episodes of both dramas, Ling Ling Fa already realised the similarities in both of the dramas which are both adapted from manga. Firstly, Romantic Princess is about a poor girl (acted by Angela Chang), who found out one day that she's the grand daughter of a millionaire. She became lover with the young master, Wu Zun in the end. Goong is about an ordinary high school student (acted by Yoon Eun Hye), who was told by her parents that she had to marry the Crown Prince, Joo Ji Hoon and as a result, she became rich overnight.

With regards to the characters, the male lead, Wu Zun and Joo Ji Hoon both seemed to be a cold rich guy on the outside but are actually friendly on the inside. In the end, both of their cold hearts will be melted by the warm-hearted female leads. Its almost like the same format. To add on, the lavish setting created and the body guards as well as the luxurious house and car which drive them is almost the same. Even though Romantic Princess was largely attacked by netizens, Wu Zun's mood was not affected. He even wrote on his blog and shared with his fans about his feelings during his 2 months promotional events. He said that he felt very fulfilling being able to see familiar faces on the trip, and also able to taste delicious delicacies from the various countries even though his schedule was tiring.


Yeah, I've watched both Romantic Princess and Goong and mentioned in my previous post that the plot of Romantic Princess seems abit familiar to Goong+ Meteor Garden.
But I think most Kdrama plots which I've watched so far are almost the same. Poor girl turned rich overnight and got into a relationship with a rich guy and they'll end up together in the end. That's like the main guideline for Korean dramas. Goong, Full House, My Girl, My Lovely Kim Sam Soon and even Coffee Prince kind of followed this style. Taiwan drama Meteor Garden and Romantic Princess followed this plot as well. So I think there's no need to single out Romantic Princess and say that its a copy of Goong since there are alot of dramas with the same guideline as well and its unavoidable that there's similarities.

Well, most dramas revolve around love and relationships and the only difference between them is how the love and relationships are being developed and shown.

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