Wednesday, October 7, 2009


BOOMZ is the new trend now. All thanks to Miss Ris Low.
If you're still unaware about it and what's up with the boomz, check out the interview here.

Personally, I don't care bout her English since my English sucks too. But I think the "BOOMZ" word which surfaced during the interview was funny. "Something.... BOOMZ! "
That was totally random.

Some funny clips
Mr Brown's so hot + Boomz remix (uploaded by mistabrown)

Another remix- which actually sounds quite good.

Boom Boom Boomz

I didn't really bothered to check up the interview even after reading all the discussions going on about it since I thought what's the big deal anyway? But I got interested after reading that NewUrbanMale is going to come up with a "BOOMZ" T-shirt series. I have to admit that some of the videos as well as the comments on Youtube are really funny.

The first thing which comes to mind when I think of leopard prints + Khaki green is the image of a leopard in a forest. Yeah, I guess that combination goes well together totally. How natural.

With all the criticism and huge amount of pressure and attention about her past, I kind of pity Ris Low. Cut her some slack. She's only 19 afterall.

Here's a decent video of her Q&A section during the pageant. (Actually I didn't even watch the pageant when it was shown on TV. No plans to watch it either.)
Money can buy power. Short, direct but powerful answer.

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