Thursday, August 12, 2010

[Music] S.H.E Hebe Tian's new song 《LOVE》MV

Hebe田馥甄《LOVE》MV全球首播 (credit:xuplHebe@youtube)

So the preview for the song was pretty much the whole song. Hhaha.

我愛你 你愛她
她愛她 她愛他
你愛我 我愛他
他愛他 他愛她

怎麼這世界 已經沒有人相愛
怎麼這世界 每個人都不快樂
怎麼這世界 每個人都愛別人 不愛自己

I'll just tranlate the lyrics since it's so easy

I love you, you love her.
She love her. she love him.
You love me, I love him.
He love him, he love her.
In this world, why are there no more love?
In this world, why is everyone unhappy?
In this world, why does everyone love others, and not themselves?

Kinda wished the lyrics was longer though coz I find it quite meaningful. But it's too short. The song is totally not the mainstream pop song at all. MV gives off a very natural feel with the animals and insects. I guess it's back to basics and they're going for the simple style, so that's probably why the lyrics is simple as well.

Looking forward to a feel-good type of music style for the album....

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