Monday, December 28, 2009

[Drama]Hi My Sweetheart 海派甜心

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Started watching Taiwanese drama, Hi My Sweetheart a few days ago. The show is still airing over at Taiwan now, so gotta wait patiently for each episodes to be up every single week which is quite a pain....

Show Luo is really good acting as the dorky Lin Da Lang with all his stupid expressions. Here's just a glimpse of some of his expressions.

On the other hand, Lin Da Lang's transformation to the playboy, Xue Hai was really a huge one. Just compare the pictures below with those above.

Show Luo's acting was good and provides much entertainment with his stupid gestures and expressions when he was taking on the role of Lin Da Hai. I think we'll get to see more of his acting as Xue Hai later on in the episodes where it is more serious and where there's deeper emotions involved.

This is the first drama I'm watching with Rainie Yang as the female lead. The only impression I have of her acting is in Meteor Garden, where she only had a minor role and I could barely remember her role. Gotta say that her acting as Chen Bao Zhu is really not bad. The way she expressed her character and emotions is just right. It's not over-the-top nor too subtle. Chen Bao Zhu is a character with alot of deep emotions and who would rather keep them inside then to say them out loud, hence there's alot of inner emotions involved which may be quite challenging. Good acting by Rainie Yang here.

Lee Wei acted as Chen Bao Zhu's senior, He Yan Feng. When I saw Lee Wei here, I thought; "Gosh, what happened to the manly and charismatic Zi Cong we once see in Bull Fighting?" I think the main problem is that Lee Wei put on a bit of weight here, and to add on, the long hair/pony-tail don't really suit him.

(pic credit: baidu)

Overall, a great drama to watch so far. Entertaining, funny and good acting. Can't wait for the next episode. The wait is really killing me....

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