Saturday, April 11, 2009

[News] Stefanie Sun accidentally admits her relationship

孙燕姿欲低调恋爱 不禁漏嘴承认恋情
Stefanie Sun accidentally admits her relationship

I was like HUH?? when I saw that headline. So what's new?? I thought that we all knew years ago she's been dating? Its only that she don't want to talk bout her private live too much to the media. I think the media nowadays really got nothing to write... That time said that Stefanie Sun Yan Zi is no longer that famous, then now they're trying to dig up old news and create some "sensational" headline to grab the attention of the fans/ readers (but sadly, I think they failed.)

Main aim of the article should be about Yan Zi's upcoming concert, "The Answer Is…"but the headline don't seem to be sending that message across effectively. No wonder times are hard these days. No "sensational" headlines= not that newsworthy= harder to do promotion = less money for the artist.

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