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Cute /Good Looking Male atheletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympics

Did you manage to catch these cute guys in action at the Olympics?


Name:Lee Young Dae
Country: Korea
Badminton Mixed Doubles Gold Medalist

I think he's really cute! He's born on Sept 11 1988...

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He resembles quite a few celebrities. I thought he looks like Chen Bo Lin(陳柏霖), a taiwanese actor. Quite alot of people said that he looks like Lee Seung Gi (which I agree) too.

Lee Yong Dae

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His famous wink.

Chen Bo Lin

His smile in this picture is so Lee Seung Gi!! Just compare the top pic with the 2 pics of Lee Seung Gi below.

More comparison picture with Lee Seung Gi.

Name: Boonsak Ponsana
Country: Thailand
Event: Badminton Singles
Born in 1982

I started noticing him during the Olympics in Athens in 2004 when he was up against Singapore's Ronald Susilo ( Boonsak Ponsana won the match in the end). Cute guy with brain. He's a Law Graduate.

Name: Bao Chun Lai (鲍春来)
Country: China
Event: Badminton Singles

He shaved his head after the Beijing Olympics (probably due to his disappointing performance there). Here's his bald head now.

Name: Cai Yun (蔡赟) and Fu Hai Feng(付海峰)
Country: China
Event: Men Badminton doubles

Fu Hai Feng

Cai Yun

2 of them

Funny photo.


Name: Hiroyuki Tomita (とみたひろゆ)
Country: Japan
Born in 1980.

Definitely good looking!

Name: Kohei Uchimura
Country: Japan
Born in 1989

Cute smile.

Hiroyuki Tomita(Left) and Kohei Uchimura(Right)

Kohei Uchimura(left) and Hiroyuki Tomita(Right)

Japan Team

Name: Li Xiao Peng (李小鹏)
Country: China
Event: Gymnastic
Born in 1981.

Name: Chen Yi Bin (陈一冰)
Event: Gymnastic
Born in 1984.

I love his adorable smile and he looks like a cute little boy.

His cute little tongue-out habit.


Name: Matthew Mitcham
Country: Australia
Born in 1988.

Another cutie.

But a pity for girls out there coz he's gay.

Name: Wang Feng (王峰)
Country: China
Born in 1979.


Name: Takahiro Yamamoto
Country: Japan
Born in 1978.

Name: ASAHI Kentaro
Country: Japan
Event: Volleyball
He looks really tanned.

Haha. Look at the sunglasses mark.


Name: Park Tae Hwan
Country: Korea
Event: Swimming
Born in 1989.

1st saw him in the Basic House Behind the Scene Video with Yoon Eun Hye. Didn't know he's such a good swimmer.

Name: Miyashi-ta Junichi
Country: Japan
Event: Swimming

Name: Eamon Sullivan
Country: Australia
Event: Swimming

With his ex-Gf, Stephanie Rice (also a swimmer from Australia)

Name: Ryan Lochte
Country: America
Event: Swimming

Ryan Lochte (Left) Michael Phelps (Right)

Name:Ryan Gambin
Country: Malta
Event: Swimming
Born in 1985.

What a hottie.

Name: Pieter van den Hoogenband
Country: Netherlands
Event: Swimming

Pieter van den Hoogenband, Michael Phelps, Park Tae Hwan


Name: Steven Lopez
Country: United States
Event: Taekwondo


Name: Rafael Nadal
Country: Spain


Name: Ricky Rubio
Country: Spain

Nice eyes and I think he'll suit the role of Harry Potter.

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